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An starter kit for working with the Aurelia TypeScript using the Atom IDE


This library works with the Aurelia platform.

sample: skel-nav-ts

This sample shows:

  • Aurelia,
  • the Aurelia DTS (TypeScript Definition) files,
  • ESRI JavaScript API,
  • the Aurelia AMD Bundle, and
  • the dojo requirejs AMD module loader.

steps to get going

  1. Install Node
  2. Install Atom
  3. Install Atom-TypeScript
  4. Clone This Repository (or pull the zip)
  5. change to the skel-nav-ts folder and run npm install (in git bash shell)
  6. Open Atom IDE, Open Folder skel-nav-ts (which is under the aurelia-typescript-atom folder you created in the clone step)
    1. Open Views/main.ts
    2. Use <F6> key to build .ts files
  7. run gulp watch (in git bash shell)
  8. open Chrome
    1. visit localhost:9000 (or whatever port gulp watch reported)
  1. Atom IDE
  2. Atom-TypeScript Package
  3. Atom-TypeScript FAQ
  4. tsconfig.json
  5. typescript compiler options